To say this year has been challenging for everyone seems like an understatement. No one is immune to difficulties. Sadly, this past October, the apiary which Green River College and Bees in the ‘Burbs use for teaching classes and for pollinating, in the foothills of Mt. Rainier, near Green Water, was ransacked by bears. All the hives within the existing enclosure were completely torn apart and destroyed beyond repair.

This apiary was an important part of the Green River College’s educational outreach (benefitting our communities) and scientific research (which all beekeepers benefit from) which allowed not only an effective hand’s-on learning tool, but also provided a home for 20 hives which pollinated the local habitat.

We’re seeking donations to help us repair and rebuild this education apiary.

Our goal of $20,000 will cover the cost of new beekeeping equipment (woodenware, frames, hive platforms) and replace the colonies of bees. In addition, we’ll work to build a more fortified enclosure to keep the bees safe from bears.

We’re deeply grateful for any and all donations. Thank you for helping the bees, as well as helping us to continue teaching new generations about the importance of beekeeping.

Click here to donate to out GoFundMe page.

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