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Bees In The ‘Burbs is all about helping people who want to find amazing local honey, honey products, and gifts. We also serve beginning through master beekeepers with our truly expert knowledge and experience.


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21 Feb 2018

A special combined class for anyone interested in learning about beekeeping.

17 Nov 2018

Private Reserve Blackberry Honey Now Available!

While supplies last, enjoy this special honey at home!

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Meet the team

What started as a hobby has now become a family run business! Bees in the Burbs is the product of the blood, sweat and bees of the Holcomb family, Norm, Natalie and Kaylie.

Norm Holcomb

“If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”

Kaylie Holcomb

After a few months of maintaining the hives, she grew to love her 80,000 new pets.

Natalie Holcomb

“When my dad first brought the bees home several years ago, I thought he was crazy.”

What a cute store and great customer service. We will be back! A big Thank You to the young man who helped us.

I have replenished my honey supply and look forward to seeing Bees in the ‘Burbs at the Renton Farmers Market!

I’m so excited to have found you!

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