About Us

Your fellow beekeepers:

Norm Holcomb


Norm has always had a great respect for bees. When he was a teenager, he would help his neighbors take care of their bees. Six years ago, he decided to start beekeeping as a hobby.. His interest and success has now turned into his full time job. Spreading his knowledge and helping others start and maintain their interest in beekeeping is tremendously satisfying. And one of the best parts of the job is having his daughters work with him. He lives the mantra, “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”

Natalie Holcomb


My name’s Natalie and I’m the youngest daughter. I am, what most people would say, the techy person in the business. I’ve built the website, Facebook, set up our cash register and much more. Although I spend much time indoors with that, I spend quite a bit of time during the summer helping my dad with the bees. When my dad first brought the bees home six years ago, I thought he was crazy. I wouldn’t go anywhere near the bees. But now, he considers me as his main beekeeper. I love seeing them buzz around and putting a drop of honey on my hand to give them an extra boost.

Dominic Holcomb

Dominic is our little Boston Terrier (but not exactly a beekeeper) He is always at the store and is the most friendly pup you will meet, despite his fierce look (:

Kaylie Holcomb


Kaylie is the older of the Holcomb daughters, currently studying at Western Washington University to earn a “something” degree. Kaylie’s passion for the Earth doubled when her dad brought home a bee hive by surprise when she was 15. After a few months of maintaining the hives, she grew to love her 80,000 new pets.
Kaylie’s favorite part of the business is running the booths at the local markets the business sells at, as well as teaching kids about bees when they come into the shop.