Sunday, July 29th 2018 Noon – 2pm Bee Class for kids!

“Life inside and outside of the hive”

Come see the inner workings of the honeybee colony through an observation hive. Learn about the different types of honeybees, their jobs, and how they communicate with each other to organize themselves into one of the most complex forms of life known.

Things you will do.

Watch bees inside of their hive do their work.

Paint individual honeybees to see where they go in the hive.

Feed honeybees outside to watch them drink sugar syrup.

Witness waggle dances! (if the bees cooperate).

The cost of the class is $15 and will be taught by Danny Najera. The class will be held at the store in our side yard with tents in case it gets hot.
Stop by the store and sign up or give us a call.

Warm regards,
Norm Holcomb
Bee’s in the ‘Burbs

About Danny. A Kent-Meridian graduate, and Oklahoma native, Danny Najera earned his Bachelors and PhD from the University of Kansas and considers himself a scientist (Entomologist and Ecologist) and a teacher. He has taught at several colleges and universities, including the University of Kansas, and is currently instructing at Green River Community College.

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